Sunday, 23 November 2008

In Some Shinkansen Station or Another

名古屋・東京方面、 ひかり、 のぞみ、 自由席1-5号車、 停車駅
なごや・とうきょうほうめん、 ひかり、 のぞみ、 じゆうせき1-5ごうしゃ、 ていしゃえき
Nagoya, Tokyo direction, skips-most-stations Shinkansen, extra high speed Shinkansen, unreserved seats cars 1-5, stations where trains stop

Just the most pertinent points. As you can see there is some English. I didn't really know how to format it, and it was hard to shoot because it flashes from English to Japanese over and over.

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