Monday, 4 August 2008

Downloads - Aug 08

To make it easier to enter into your SRS, I've uploaded the signs and text in various formats to Mediafire for anyone to download. There are 45 signs in this pack, all the ones on the site up until August the 4th.

Note: I had some problems with zip files scrambling the Japanese file names on the pictures, and unfortunately I must somehow make the pictures into one file to be able to upload them. So I've used 7z format, an open source format, so you might need to use the 7 Zip program which is also free and open source. Please comment if you have any problems.

Update: I've removed the Anki file as it doesn't work with the most recent version of Anki. Also it's really time consuming to create, and has little use. It's far better to import the Excel or text documents into your own Anki deck.

I've also removed the individual download links for each file, and have just linked to the folder on Mediafire. You can see all the files there.

File details:

Excel spreadsheet, 4 fields; number, kanji, kana, English

Excel 97-03 spreadsheet, 4 fields; number, kanji, kana, English

ODS spreadsheet, 4 fields; number, kanji, kana, English

Tabbed text document, 3 fields; kanji, kana, English

Pictures only, no text, 7z format

Files are available here:

It's a (Japanese) Sign Aug 08

The Dec 08 sign pack is available here.


Alyks said...

This is very cool, phauna. I'll be using these.

phauna said...

I'm glad you like it, I've got a lot of others sitting on my laptop. In fact I just went for a walk now and took even more.

Anonymous said...

Pretty awesome :) Will probably use these, thanks!


phauna said...

So, the zip files had some problems, I've instead compressed the Anki deck and the Pictures folder 7z format. You may have to get the free program 7zip from here to open them:

Anonymous said...

Great. Thanks for these!

phauna said...

I'll try to get another download pack ready soon.