Friday, 1 August 2008


.... this blog is just pictures of Japanese signs that I've either taken myself or that get sent to me by readers. The main aim is to allow people who are studying Japanese to see some authentic written Japanese language, in sign form. Not only are these signs useful to know, but they provide an excellent source of kanji reading practice for those who live in Japan. Hopefully just walking around in Japan will become a ready-made study session with the use of this blog. Of course I also hope to provide people outside Japan a taste of what they may one day encounter.

I'll include information with each sign such as the full kanji sentence, a kana translation, and an English translation. Sometimes I might clarify the sign by adding what context it was taken in, for example, on a train platform.

I fully intend and allow anyone to copy these pictures, the text or anything else at all for use in their personal study. I especially encourage the use of these signs with flashcards or a Spaced Repetition System (SRS), such as Anki. If you want to use this blog's contents for something other than personal study then please drop me a line, I'll probably have no problem with it.

Also, if you feel I've made a poor translation, a spelling error or some other mistake please comment so that I can correct it and hopefully avoid misleading anyone.


-Another blog providing you with authentic sentences can be found here:

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Mark said...

Good idea. Keep it coming. I'm always looking at the signs when I'm out and about.