Friday, 12 December 2008

Shibuya Standing Sushi Bar

元祖立食寿司、 にぎり寿司、 1ヶ75円、 にぎりたてのお好きなネタがすぐ食べられます。
がんそりっしょくすし、 にぎりすし、 1ヶ75えん、 にぎりたてのおすきなネタがすぐたべられます。
The originator of stand-up sushi, hand-formed sushi, 1 for 75 yen, your favourite topping stand-up hand-formed sushi can be eaten immediately.

As I said in the last post, restaurants often have heavily stylised kanji on menus and signs. This store has gone for a crystal clear font, except for the Rorschach kanji at top right. You can see 寿司 (すし) in both the weird font and the clear, one above the other. I sometimes think they try to make the kanji as disfigured as possible whilst still retaining borderline legibility. The し looks a little like a cartoon duck.

Anyway, that's some cheap sushi.


digi said...

あれは 「りっしょく」じゃなくて立喰い (たちぐい)じゃない?

phauna said...

You make a good point and I quite frankly can't decide which is better. I'm not a native of course, and not good either.

The place wasn't just a street stall, it was an enclosed shop, just with a bar that you stood at. It's out there now and up to you guys to suss out further. Thanks for the heads up.

Seth said...

I asked a native and she said it is most certainly 立喰(たちぐい), not 立食(りっしょく).