Thursday, 14 August 2008

In a Kyoto Park 2

Warm (thing)

On a vending machine. It's short for 暖かい (あたたかい). Again, it's used for warm things, as opposed to hot weather which uses 暑い (あつい).


Deas said...

Err...similar to the other post, wouldn't this be "waaarm" instead of just "warm?" あったか〜い? :-) Neat idea for a blog. Found you via JapanSoc.

phauna said...

Yes, I just thought it was a bit obvious.

Emilio Wuerges said...

Uhm, there is a little mistake here.
There are 2 あつい for hot:
熱い hot things
暑い hot weather

暖かい is hot in the sense that it is warming and cosy.

phauna said...

Yes, you are right, fixed.

Anonymous said...

暑い = hot (weather)
熱い = hot (things)

暖かい = warm (weather)
温かい = warm (things)

So I think あったか〜い goes with the 温 Kanji.

phauna said...

I'll have to ask a Japanese person. I only use EDICT and it gives these three spellings for warm:

暖かい, 温かい and 暖い.

First two are top 20,000 words so a little more common, last one is not.

ALC online gives this for 暖かい:

There do seem to be a lot of weather related definitions but also a lot of things.

And for 温かい:

No weather definitions, lots of things.

Perhaps it's an either/ or thing with 暖かい, but 温かい can only be "things".